Kahoot Your Class

Kahoot is a fantastic resource for turning hard content material into trivia https://kahoot.com/. In Kahoot, students play interactive games online as an individual or in teams. The teacher preloads the information for the students. As part of the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Service) Committee at my school, I make Kahoots based on a PBIS theme. The current theme is Influential Women. Today in class, we reviewed the content that will be in the Kahoot on influential women. The entire school will play the game. Each class is a team.  Whenever I review content for a Kahoot game, I always have my students undivided attention. I include topics from entertainment, history, sports, culture and other areas. It seems as if my students like learning random facts (random for them but common to older folks like myself)! I also think the competitive nature of the activity inspires them. I'm glad Kahoot has such a motivating force on them. The basic subscription is free.


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