Zoom Assignment: Re-Entry, DVD

Assignment: Re-Entry, DVD


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Presenter: Michael Johnson
Running Time: 58 minutes


Assignment: Re-Entry is one of the most detailed and comprehensive videos ever produced on the topic of re-entry. Michael Johnson uses real-life perspectives and situations as he takes the viewer through a deep study of their life on the street and the situations they will encounter once released.Michael discusses in great detail the importance of setting all sorts of goals, and having a definite plan and direction for re-entry. He elaborates on expectations and the importance of understanding personal limitations as they relate to successful outcomes after release.The viewer will be encouraged to take notes and complete many weeks of intense writing and self-discovery which will result in achieving an informed and intelligent re-entry plan. Assignment: Re-Entry is a how to guide for re-entry, but more than that it is a powerful therapeutic tool.


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Assignment: Re-Entry, DVD



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