Zoom Belief Systems, DVD

Belief Systems, DVD


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Presenter: Carl Reddick
Running Time: 40 minutes


Carl Reddick addresses cognitive restructuring and belief systems with a group of mandated clients. He addresses how habits, attitudes, beliefs and associations are the driving force in their life. Reddick's work with belief systems grew from an early attempt within the State of Oregon to make better referrals to treatment and education programs. In Oregon, they realized that an important piece was missing between the order to attend treatment and the first session of treatment or education. The missing piece was client motivation. Once referring agencies started utilizing the techniques illustrated in this video, the number of mandated clients keeping their appointments, paying their fees, and ultimately completing their therapy started to increase. Soon, local community therapists were demanding to learn the skills contained in Belief Systems. Utilizing the techniques in Belief Systems during as few as four or five sessions has improved the level of participation experienced by therapist as they attempt to engage this very difficult population in treatment or education programs. This presentation builds on other Carl Reddick videos including The Language of Supervision and 'Anger', all of which can be used within your existing program.


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Belief Systems, DVD



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