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Changing Families: Child of Our Time 2013

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Part of the Series : Child of Our Time: A Year-by-Year Study of Childhood Development (12 Parts) | Child of Our Time 2013

With thousands of hours of observational archives and interviews, Changing Families documents a 12-year study of British family relationships. Viewers will hear children articulate their feelings about life and discover how they have coped with divorce, getting into trouble at school, and bereavement. Parents discuss expectations for their kids and explore the future of the family as a whole. This program provides insight into the next generation, as they make the transition from children into young adults. A BBC/Open University Co-production. A part of the series Child of Our Time 2013. (58 minutes)

Copyright date: ©2013

21st Century British Family Study (03:12)
In 2000, the BBC embarked on a project documenting the lives of children born at the millennium, from families of diverse backgrounds. This film covers their experiences at age 13.

Adjusting to Children (01:19)
Professor Robert Winston discusses the British family identity. New parents share their impressions in 2000.

Stillborn Child (03:03)
Of the children in the study, 25 were born between September 1999 and February 2000. Jacqui lost one of her twins in labor; Richard recalls the emotional shock. Caring for Charlotte helped them in the grief process.

Coping with Separation (04:06)
Charlotte's younger sister Jasmine was born when she was two and Jacqui and Richard were married soon after. They discuss the impact of their separation; Charlotte shares her experience adjusting to step parents and an extended family.

Successful Marriage Strategies (01:34)
British couples reflect on what keeps them together.

First Triplets of New Millenium (04:21)
When their triplets were born, Nigel and Tracey moved to a larger home where they share childcare duties with the grandparents. Triplets Mabel, Phoebe and Alice displayed distinct personalities early on.

Triplets in Puberty (03:46)
Mabel, Phoebe and Alice are developing at different rates. Nearly 13, they are no longer interested in family vacations; Tracey and Nigel reflect on their personality changes and look forward to having grandchildren.

Marriage Stress (04:57)
Half of British families are divorced or separated; parents and children share their experiences. Jamie's father Ian took a job in Scotland, leaving Sharon to manage Jamie's diabetes on her own.

Dealing with Divorce (03:32)
Ian had an affair in 2008. Sharon pushed for a divorce and struggled to be strong for Jamie and his sister. Jamie sees his father occasionally and is forming a bond with Sharon's new partner Barry.

Adolescent Anger (02:49)
Tyrese had trouble accepting his parent's divorce at age 3 and lashed out at school. Marie is trying to change his behavioral patterns; he's improved since starting secondary school and they are communicating better.

Teenage Assertion (02:48)
British adolescents begin questioning their parent's authority. Nathan's parents Richard and Ruth discuss changing family dynamics.

Developmental Challenge (02:09)
Ethan was diagnosed with a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome as a child. Kerri describes coming to terms with the condition; computer games help his self-esteem and he's become more social.

Identity Formation (02:26)
Hormonal changes affect adolescent brains and bodies. Rebecca's parents Gill and Mark describe her as becoming an individual—with strong opinions.

Young Motherhood (02:19)
Each year, there are 18,000 teenage pregnancies in the U.K. Charlie's mom Toni reflects on the maturation process after having a baby at age 16. Her new partner Rob embraced fatherhood; they had two children together.

Single Parent Challenges (04:09)
Toni and Rob separated in 2011 and Toni moved to an apartment; Charlie is staying with her grandparents until Toni can finance a larger house. Toni put herself through university and now works as a nurse; after adjusting the family has become closer.

Coping with Loss (03:30)
Tim and Caroline had difficulty becoming pregnant, but gave birth to Eve in 1999 and her sister Holly in 2005. In 2008, Caroline passed away of cancer. Eve describes her childhood grief process.

Losing a Parent (05:35)
Tim shares his emotions with Eve and Holly, but Eve grieves for her mother privately. Tim reflects on how playing the role of both mother and father has changed the family dynamic; Eve has been able to accept her loss and move forward.

Preparing for the Teenage Years (01:39)
British parents anticipate the next phase in their children's development.

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Length: 58 minutes

Copyright Date: 2013


Changing Families: Child of Our Time 2013



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