Zoom Consulting With Teachers Working With Diverse School Populations, DVD

Consulting With Teachers Working With Diverse School Populations, DVD

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With Jon Lasser, PhD

Closed Captioned
Publication Date: February 2020


Psychologists may consult with teachers to help reduce student behavioral issues, obtain data to assess whether a student has a learning disability or mental health disorder, or to assist in building or repairing rapport with the student and their parents.

In this video, guest expert, Jon Lasser, PhD, discusses his approach to consulting in schools with a panel of mental health practitioners and students, then demonstrates consulting with a teacher who works with diverse students. The 6th grade teacher in the consultation seeks assistance from a school psychologist because one of her students does not respond to the teacher’s directives and does not conform to behavioral expectations. The teacher believes the student has a learning disability and should be removed from her class to receive special education.

Watch as Dr. Lasser navigates the various issues presented during the consultation, identifies the need for more data before diagnosing the student, and explores the student’s cultural background.

This session features a teacher portrayed by an actor on the basis of a composite of different cases.

About the Therapist
Jon Lasser, PhD, is a psychologist, school psychologist, professor, and program director of the school psychology program at Texas State University. At Texas State he has developed and taught graduate courses for the school psychology program and has also taught the freshman first-year experience course.

He has co-authored two books (School Psychologist as Counselor and Professional Ethics in Midwifery Practice) as well as journal articles and chapters on a variety of subjects including autism, parenting, ethics, sexuality, and graduate preparation.

Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in Plan II liberal arts from the University of Texas at Austin, a master’s degree in human sexuality education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in school psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.


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Consulting With Teachers Working With Diverse School Populations, DVD



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