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Exploring My World

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By Arley Loeffler, LCSW

Facilitates discussions about family, friends, community and self-perception
Prompts are engaging and presented in a fun, game format
Suitable for working with individuals and in small groups
Can be used by counselors, therapists, teachers, and special ed staff
Exploring My World is designed to assist clinicians, school psychologists, and school counselors and their clients have discussions about worries and concerns. This game is very appealing to children. It draws out material about their experiences, feelings, and perceptions. Sentence completion cards provide opportunities for players to discuss family relationships, peer relationships, school, wishes, and fantasies. Other game elements elicit clinical information through storytelling. Players have the opportunity, for example, to tell stories about various aspects of their world, thereby giving the therapist a chance to examine the child's personal and family concerns. The therapist can select meaningful material from the child's stories and incorporate it in the child's treatment. The game can be played by a therapist and up to 5 children.

Suitable for ages 5 to 12, small group or one on one


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Author: Arley Loeffler, LCSW

Exploring My World



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