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Foster Care: A System in Crisis DVD

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This compilation of ABC News segments reports on the complex, ongoing challenges facing families and organizations that shelter endangered children. The three segments are “Calling All Angels,” which explores dangers and frustrations familiar to many foster kids and visits a Kentucky institution for girls who have been in and out of foster homes; “A Call to Action,” which examines groundbreaking photography exhibits that have helped connect thousands of foster children with adoptive parents; and “Children on the Brink,” which follows a busy social worker as she visits homes affected by drugs and poverty—highlighting success stories as well as painful cases in which children must be removed. (54 minutes)

Length: 54 minutes


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 Closed Captioned

Child Abuse Case History (07:21)

Eleven-year-old Summer is anxious about her new foster placement. Her story includes sexual abuse, filthy surroundings, and a drug-abusing mother.

Safe Haven for Foster Children (02:48)

Maryhurst's residential treatment program for girls like Summer provides teams of specialists for the foster children. Summer talks with Diane Sawyer about her life and what was done to her.

Meth-Addicted Parents (04:28)

Whitney moves through five foster homes while she waits for her mother to go off drugs. Among foster children, post-traumatic stress is twice that of war veterans. Children from methamphetamine-addicted parents generally live in "hell holes."

New Approach to Foster Care (02:10)

An abusive, alcoholic father works with a social worker to get his three boys back. In this revolutionary foster program the children were placed near Howard, in their neighborhood, while Howard is rehabilitated.

Deeply Troubled Children (05:09)

While many children get out of the foster system, Amanda has moved through 19 foster homes and has little chance of being adopted. She and other like her engage in self-destructive acts and other signs of behavior problems.

Foster Care Crisis (02:36)

Foster care as it now exists creates 30 percent of the homeless in America—a quarter of those in prison—and tens of thousands more of these children are on the way. At Maryhurst, Emily, a former foster child, now works with troubled teen girls.

Inappropriate Behavior (04:58)

Summer's adoptive parents, the Meyers, cannot take Summer back to their home because Summer's behavior is sexually inappropriate. Summer's biological mother denies that Summer was sexually abused.

Successful Adoptions (02:29)

Foster children describe their ideal families and a foster mother shares a success story. Some of the children are successfully adopted.

Older Foster Children (03:38)

Some of the world's most famous and best-paid photographers voluntarily take photographs of older foster children and display them in the Heart Galleries in 40 states.

Photographic Exhibits of Foster Children (04:56)

Photographers and foster children form bonds during photo shoots. Celebrity photographers work hard with sad children, children who don't know how to play, and children who have lost hope.

Older Foster Children (02:03)

Adoptions of older children pose challenges for the parents and the children. Children must learn to trust that they have a permanent home. "Aging out" is the term given to those older children who will never be adopted.

When the Foster System Fails (07:34)

In this segment dramatic footage illustrates what can happen to children in the deeply troubled foster care system. Social workers have almost impossible workloads and heart wrenching tasks to perform every day.

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Foster Care: A System in Crisis DVD



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