Zoom Gambling. It's Not About Money, DVD

Gambling. It's Not About Money, DVD


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Running Time: 38 minutes


Between lotteries, casinos, internet gambling, and other legal venues, Americans spend about $60 billion annually on gambling. A fraction of those who gamble will go on to develop a serious addiction to games of chance, which can result in broken relationships, financial ruin, criminal behavior, despair, and suicide. Compulsive gambling is a recognized addiction with significant consequences for individuals, families, employers, and communities. While many treatment options have been studied, those with the highest success rates structures similar to successful chemical dependency treatment programs. Abstinence, acceptance, and support are crucial in helping compulsive gamblers stay clean.Gambling is a primary addiction for a growing number of individuals and a potential cross-addiction for alcohol and drug addicts, this DVD provides crucial information for all in the recovering community. Firsthand testimonials from a diverse group of recovering compulsive gamblers help viewers identify the symptoms of gambling addiction and offers help for long-term recovery from this debilitating disorder.


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Gambling. It's Not About Money, DVD



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