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Sometimes funny, often poignant, always truthful, Habla is an award-winning series of specials on HBO Latino that since 2003 has put the faces and voices of U.S. Latinos on the screen like no other show has done before. In this 10th installment, the joys and challenges of being Latina in the U.S. are explored by women of all ages from many diverse backgrounds and countries – from a newspaper CEO-publisher to an Olympic boxing medalist, from a nanny to a news producer who is sometimes mistaken for her daughter’s nanny, from a victim of domestic violence to an advocate for victims of domestic violence, from a NASA scientist to an internationally known plus-sized model. We even hear from a male Latino celebrity hairdresser who gives his own perspective on Latina women and how they perceive themselves. Habla Women is not just a chance to stand up and be heard, but an opportunity to bridge cultural gaps – a bridge that is crossed in both directions. An HBO Production.

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Fighter (02:59)
Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza describes her entry into boxing. She was discouraged because of her gender, but garnered more support as she became more successful.

Respect (03:39)
Rossanda Rosado, CEO of a newspaper, tells about her life. She refuted the traditional idea that women were excluded because of gender.

Fronteras (02:18)
Colombian born Adriana C. Ocampo describes her lifelong dream of studying space. She recalls being told by professors that it would be very difficult to become a female geologist.

Fearless (02:42)
Gina Rodriguez relates the difficulties she experienced being an artist in a Latino family. She was not deterred by obstacles to become an artist.

Moms (03:03)
Rose Arce talks about being in a partnership with a woman and raising her daughter to have two mothers. She tells about the questions other people have about the birth of her daughter.

Nanny (02:32)
Rosa Gutierrez describes the close relationships she feels with children that she nannies. She did not have a close relationship with her own mother.

Nurture (04:20)
Chef Daisy Martinez feels that food, women, and a sense of nurturing are deeply intertwined. She tells about her experiences with food and her family growing up.

Hombres (Men) (03:21)
Comedian Rossmery Almonte talks about the complex relationships between men and women. She urges women to choose partners they will be happy with.

Ayuda (Help) (02:49)
Activist Cecilia Gaston talks about domestic violence as a learned behavior. She feels that traditions and cultures that look down upon women are issues that need to be corrected.

Muñecas (Dolls) (03:16)
Celebrity hair stylist Luis Guillermo tells about growing up in a Catholic family and being expected to play with masculine toys. He has a close bond with his clients.

Curves (02:41)
Denise Bidot wanted to be an actress, but was consistently told she was not thin enough for the roles she tried out for. She became a plus-size model.

Visible (03:27)
Kadine Anckle tells about what it is like to identify as both black and Latina in America. She describes the differences in the way people perceive her in Panama and in America.

Truth (03:33)
Michelle Mulligan describes growing up with her mother who placed a heavy emphasis on appearance. She was discouraged from dating and her mother was horrified to learn she was having sex before marriage.

Gifted (03:32)
Writer and educator Peggy Robhles-Alvarado became pregnant at age 15 after being raped. She describes the hurtful things people said to her when she walked around with her baby.

P*ta (02:07)
Colombian actress Loren Escandon talks about the stigmas placed on Latin American women. She details the many ways men label Latina women as sexually promiscuous.

Vanessa del Rio attended Catholic school as a child and was taught that sex was mortally sinful. Defining sexuality became a quest for he which led her to becoming a porn actress.

Transboricua (Transgender) (03:43)
Psychotherapist Sebastian Colon-Otero tells about his work in assisting people in healing from abuse. He felt a conflict between gender roles and expectations from a very young age.

Power (02:32)
Self-described "poetitician" Caridad De La Lux talks about her relationship with poetry. Listen to her poetry reading.

Credits: Habla Women (01:34)
Credits: Habla Women

Length: 59 min

Copyright Date: 2008

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