Zoom Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse, DVD

Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse, DVD


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Presenter: Dr Claudia Black 

Running Time: 35 minutes


Recovery is a process, not an event. Utilizing the group process, Dr. Claudia Black takes us on a journey that explains the healing process of recovery for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.In adulthood, survivors experience the aftershocks of abuse: low self-esteem, the inability to trust, difficulty with one's sexuality, and the inability to be successful. Those who have been sexually abused often learn to medicate their pain through the use of alcohol, other drugs, or food. Abuse survivors often live with shame and guilt. They experience incredible powerlessness in their lives. Dr. Black explains that, "Time alone does not heal wounds," and outlines steps that are vital to the healing process. This film will help to challenge the negative internalized messages that one took in as a child, and lead the survivor of sexual abuse to find their internal strength, self-love, and dignity.


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Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse, DVD



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