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History of Parenting Practices: Child Development Theories DVD

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Put today’s best practices in child rearing into context with this video. Divided into 20-year increments, History of Parenting Practices provides an overview of the events, policies, and theories that shaped how mothers and fathers raised their children over the course of the 20th century. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (18 minutes)

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Parenting: Learned Skill (01:17)

Much of what parents do in their parenting is learned, not instinctive. Parents get ideas from their own parents, their educations, religion, pediatricians and psychologists, child development studies, media, friends, and government.

History of Parenting: 1900 to 1920 (01:34)

Immigration presents a multitude of problems for children and parents. The U.S. government publishes its first document on parenting in 1914. Parents get bad advice from Watson about punishing bad habits and withholding affection.

History of Parenting: 1920 to 1940 (02:03)

The Great Depression adds stress to already suffering families. The government and the private sector steps in. The WPA sets up family support programs. Universities offer parenting courses. Arnold Gesell and Erik Erickson offer theories of parenting and child development.

History of Parenting: 1940 to 1960 (02:27)

After WWII, Americans look for domestic bliss. America's birth rate soars. The government enacts the G.I. Bill, the National Mental Health Act, and the American Parents Association. Prominent theorists include John Bowlby, B.F. Skinner, and Dr. Spock.

History of Parenting: 1960 to 1980 (01:03)

The election of J.F.K. brings a sense of idealism to America. Soon thereafter came assassinations and the Vietnam War. The 1970s brought oil shortages, feminism, and Watergate. Pres. Johnson launches the War on Poverty and the Head Start program.

Child Rearing Theorists (02:56)

Jean Piaget focuses his studies on cognitive development. Up until them, people believe children only learn because of reinforcement. Theorists include Jean Piaget, Rudolf Dreikurs, Abraham Maslow, and Diana Baumrind.

History of Parenting: 1980 to 2000 (02:51)

In the 1980s families to seek balance between home and work. Blended and single-family households are common. The government supports families through tax credits and subsidies for child care. Theorists include Bronfenbrenner and Brazelton.

History of Parenting: 2000 to Today (02:20)

Today parents are presented with more information than ever before. Books cover a wide range of topics around child rearing. A rich assortment of magazines and the Internet offer instant information that is continually updated.

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History of Parenting Practices: Child Development Theories DVD



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