Zoom I Think They Think . . .Overcoming Social Phobia, DVD

I Think They Think . . .Overcoming Social Phobia, DVD

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Produced by Monkey See Productions
Featuring Ronald M. Rapee
Publish Date: August 7, 2006
50-Minute DVD

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This compelling video provides crucial information—and new hope—for people struggling with the isolation, loneliness, and frightening physical symptoms of social phobia. Dr. Ronald M. Rapee and Dr. Lisa Lampe show in step-by-step detail how cognitive-behavioral treatment can provide the skills sufferers need to feel more comfortable in social situations and live fuller, happier lives. Including inspiring first-hand accounts from patients, the program brings to life the entire process of recovery.

About the Author
Ronald M. Rapee, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Course Use
Suitable for viewing in courses in abnormal psychology, psychopathology, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.


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I Think They Think . . .Overcoming Social Phobia, DVD



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