Zoom If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition  DVD

If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition DVD

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“Families destroy themselves, so families have to heal themselves.” If I Could is the heart-wrenching chronicle of Tracy Marasco, a single mother struggling to help her adolescent son James cope with severe emotional trauma resulting from abandonment by his father and sexual abuse by his father’s cousin. To complicate the situation, Tracy herself was victimized as a child, sexually abused by her father and forced, for a time, into prostitution. Rage and despair permeate this disturbing program, but so do hope and determination—represented, in part, by VisionQuest, a provider of innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. Tracy benefited from it as a teen; can it turn James around, too? Will the Marascos’ multigenerational cycle of abuse be broken? Sally Field narrates. Contains mature content; viewer discretion is advised. Comes with 90 minutes of bonus material (DVD only)—comments by NPR’s Fred Goodwin, post-viewing reactions of numerous medical professionals, an interview with director Patti Obrow White, and more. (99 minutes + 90 minutes of bonus material)

Length: 100 minutes


Copyright date: ©2006

 Closed Captioned

Multigenerational Abuse: Film Overview (03:04)

Dr. Fred Goodwin provides an overview of the emotionally charged film “If I Could,” a film about child abuse, despair, and hope.

Theatrical Trailer (05:34)

The theatrical trailer for the film "If I Could" gives viewers a glimpse of the multigenerational aspects of child abuse.

Television Interview of Film's Director (06:58)

The film's director, Patti Obrow White, appears on Oklahoma local television. She describes VisionQuest's rehabilitation program for abused juveniles and her chronicle of the intergenerational saga of Tracy Marasco’s family.

Film as Catalyst for Change (05:41)

Patti Obrow White acknowledges two Oklahomans who played significant roles in making the film. White hopes the film will be a catalyst for changing the way America thinks about its children.

Post-Screening Roundtable Discussion in Washington, D.C. (04:56)

A diverse group of legislators, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, students, and family advocates attend a screening of the award-winning film and contribute to a lively panel discussion after the screening.

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (05:09)

An expert discusses James's trauma disorder and his resilience. She provides symptoms and details about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the context of James Marasco's experiences with severe abuse.

Psychiatrist Urges Renewed Focus on Children (05:52)

Within the context of James Marasco's story, a psychiatrist talks about the failure of systems in diagnosing a child's environment, choosing instead to focus only on the "broken" child. He suggests a paradigm shift in how adults view children.

Bureaucratic Obstacles to Funding Mental Health Care (07:25)

Experts and activists express their anger and frustration over bureaucratic problems in funding mental health care for children. Without political support from Washington little can or will be done to change the current failing system.

Cultural Brainwashing (06:14)

Bob Burton, founder of VisionQuest, discusses cultural brainwashing that robs children of their ethnic histories, America's penchant for locking children up in correctional facilities, and his ideas about handling abused children.

Mother's Passionate Appeal (04:32)

Tracy Marasco, mother of James and herself a victim of childhood abuse, speaks out about the treatment of abused children, secrecy in multigenerational families who perpetuate abuse, and her conviction about breaking the abuse cycle.

Early Intervention in Child Abuse (06:40)

A psychiatrist discusses why somebody in an abusive family must stop the cycle of abuse. Marasco stresses the importance of making social changes that would prevent the manifestation of abusive situations.

Facing Problems Head-On (03:27)

Burton explains his philosophy of facing the truth head-on when dealing with issues of abuse. He explains Tracy's resolution when her father admits that he abused her.

James Faces His "Demons" (07:21)

Burton helps James face his "demons" and prepares him to meet his father and grandfather. He encourages James to face his anger head-on and to work his way through it.

Purpose and Responsibility to Help Children (02:22)

Burton explains his purpose and responsibility to the abused children he treats at VisionQuest.

James Confronts Reality (06:07)

Tracy gives an overview of James's meeting with her father, describes an explosive confrontation between James and Bob Burton, and discusses his reaction to her forced childhood prostitution.

Tracy Marasco's Healing Journey (08:18)

Tracy Marasco acknowledges the importance of Bob Burton to her family. She talks about her daughter and her own healing experiences on the VisionQuest wagon train.

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If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition DVD



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