Zoom Play 2 Learn Dominoes on Empathy Counts

Play 2 Learn Dominoes on Empathy Counts

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Empathy Counts
A Play-to-Learn Dominoes Game

Give kids an opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes. By playing this lively game of dominoes, students develop the capacity to understand the feelings of others. Before each turn, they draw a card from one of four decks-Friendship; Activities and Hobbies; All About Myself; and At School.

As they respond to questions presented on the cards, they begin to understand the concept of empathy and the part it plays in lasting friendships, family relationships, and everyday social interaction.

Because empathy is a complex trait, the game takes an incremental approach, teaching basic skills first and then moving on to more complex ideas. The instructions offer three modes of play, each appropriate for a different age group. For 2 to 5 players.


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Play 2 Learn Dominoes on Empathy Counts



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