Zoom Sex, Drugs, and HIV, DVD

Sex, Drugs, and HIV, DVD


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Presenter: Kim Bouldin-Jones
Running Time: 26 minutes


Kim Bouldin-Jones dramatically illustrates the fact that having a substance abuse problem puts you at a higher risk for contracting HIV. Substance abuse compromises and weakens the immune system and attacks vital organs in the body putting you at risk. Substance abuse also causes you to make unhealthy decisions and choices such as sharing needles, trading sex for drugs, or involving yourself in unsafe, un-protected sex. Despite the limited number of sexual partners a person has, once alcohol and drugs are involved, people have a greater propensity to engage in unhealthy behaviors with others who may not be making healthy choices, increasing the exposer to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.Kim Bouldin-Jones encourages substance abusers to begin to take control of their life, to make healthy choices, to honestly consult with their doctor and to seek treatment.


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Sex, Drugs, and HIV, DVD



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