Zoom Teen Files: The Truth About Sex, DVD

Teen Files: The Truth About Sex, DVD


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Running Time: 30 minutes


More than half of all teenagers have had sex before the age of 18. Every ten seconds in America, another teenager contracts a sexually transmitted disease, and over 3,000 teens become pregnant each day. Parents and teens are often too uncomfortable to discuss the risks associated with sex. With 20/20 clarity, this program focuses on the realities of having sex too young, including unwanted pregnancies and STD's. Students' understanding of the relationship between unsafe behaviors and personal health is reinforced through real-world examples of several sexually active teenagers. Two teens discuss the struggles of becoming parents at such a young age, while another young couple faces the possibility that they could be pregnant. A group of teens tour a microbiology lab, where hundreds of STD cases are diagnosed each year, and participate in a "mock AIDS test." Finally, Lisa, a 33-year old woman with full-blown AIDS, shares her story.


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Teen Files: The Truth About Sex, DVD



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