Zoom Teen Species: Understanding the Adolescent, DVD

Teen Species: Understanding the Adolescent, DVD

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The Series Includes : Girls: Entering the Teen Years | Boys: Entering the Teen Years

Their behavior and physical changes are often so surprising-and at times alarming-that teenagers seem to be a separate species. This series delves into the mysteries of adolescence by following several participants over a two-year period, exploring the biological, psychological, and social pressures that begin with the onset of puberty. Through expert interviews, in-depth conversations with teens, and detailed passages from the participants' video diaries, viewers will learn about the development of the adolescent brain, its link to physiological and behavioral transformations, and the real-world dilemmas of identity and conformity these changes bring on. Contains explicit images and material. Original BBCW broadcast title: Teen Species. 2-part series, 51-52 minutes each.

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Teen Species: Understanding the Adolescent, DVD



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