Zoom The Abused Child: Psychodynamic Understanding and Treatment Book

The Abused Child: Psychodynamic Understanding and Treatment Book

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by Toni Vaughn Heineman

Published: July 23, 1998

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Capturing the complexities of working with abused children, Heineman explores the intrapsychic worlds of these youngsters and examines many of the paradoxes and complications encountered when treating them. The book traces the interplay of neurobiological and psychological facets of behavior to show how abuse derails normal development and how psychodynamic psychotherapy can reestablish emotional connections.

Chapters highlight special issues involved when working with children who have been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused, exploring memory and disclosure, dissociation and externalization, and the relationship between action and spoken language. The book also addresses important factors in understanding and working with parents and caregivers and reviews such relevant legal issues as the process of court-ordered evaluations. Throughout, clinical vignettes illustrate the practical applications of concepts and theories discussed.

1. What Is Abuse and Who Decides?

2. Treating a Moving Target: Developmental Considerations in Work with Abused Children

3. A Template for Developmentally Informed Evaluations

4. Neurobiology and Psychology: The Formation and Meaning of Symptoms

5. Memory and Disclosure

6. Looking Outward: Externalization and Dissociation

7. The Paradox of Language in Treating the Unspeakable

8. Good Guys and Bad Guys: The Temptations of Splitting

9. Collaborative Work with Parents of Abused Children

10. The Unconscious Transmission of Abuse

11. The Interface between Legal and Psychodynamic Considerations


About the Author 
Toni Vaughn Heineman, DMH, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, is in private practice in San Francisco. Dr. Heineman is also on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California. An active supervisor, consultant, and evaluator, she has written and lectured widely on clinical issues affecting children and adults.


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The Abused Child: Psychodynamic Understanding and Treatment Book



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