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The Child from 4 to 6

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Experts agree that the ways in which we develop in childhood have a strong effect on our later lives. This video depicts child development from the ages of 4 to 6, the years in which a child practices and fine-tunes motor skills and coordination, tests physical abilities, and experiences the onset of demanding physical, emotional, and social changes and challenges. Included is the first year of school, in which children must adjust to a new environment that should encourage, inspire, and direct their intellectual development. The influence of parents and caregivers is all-important during these early years in order for a child to successfully reach his or her developmental milestones. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

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Five Basic Principles (01:22)
Child development is similar for everyone yet highly individualized: all development builds on earlier learning, different areas are interrelated, and development is continuous throughout life.

Physical Development (04:37)

At age four the toddler's awkwardness gives way to greater coordination and motor skills, which in turn affects physical skills, word pronunciation, and self image. Pace varies in development of children.

Emotional Development (05:25)

Children at this age are learning to control and express their feelings, following certain emotional patterns. Parents and care-givers help build self-confidence and establish a child's sense of security.

Social Development (02:34)

Children begin to establish themselves as individuals away from the family unit. Preschool is a new, complicated social situation where children learn how to share and interact with peers.

Intellectual Development (05:50)

Intellectually, children are learning the basic educational tools for life. Education, learning, and natural curiosity can be encouraged through toys, games, reading books, music, and art.

Achieving Successful Development (01:01)

The years between ages four and six, while tumultuous, are key to a child's future. Parents and caregivers need to help give children the tools they need for successful development.

Length: 23 minutes

Copyright Date: 2001

The Child from 4 to 6



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