Zoom The Healing Power of Play: Working with Abused Children by Eliana Gil, Book

The Healing Power of Play: Working with Abused Children by Eliana Gil, Book

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Published: March 16, 1991
ISBN:  9780898624670
210 Pages

This book describes how therapists can both facilitate constructive play therapy and intervene in post-traumatic play to help children who have been traumatized by abuse or neglect achieve a positive resolution. Traditional techniques of play therapy are reviewed for their application to this population. Throughout, numerous therapeutic aids are described to enhance the child's capacity to communicate verbally or symbolically. To help clinicians translate theory into daily practice, the book presents six detailed clinical vignettes that offer step-by-step guidelines for assessment and intervention in different situations of abuse or neglect.

Table of Contents
* The Abused Child: Treatment Issues.

* The Child Therapies: Application in Work with Abused Children.

* The Treatment of Abused Children.


* Leroy: A Child Traumatized by Severe Parental Neglect.

* Johnny: A Child Traumatized by Sexual Abuse.

* Antony: A Child with Multiple Traumas.

* Gaby: A Child Traumatized by a Single Episode of Sexual Abuse.

* Laurie: A Neglected Child Traumatized by a Hospitalization.

* Sharlene: A Child Traumatized by Chronic Sexual Abuse.

* Special Issues.

About the Author
Eliana Gil, PhD, is founding partner of the Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education, a private group practice in Fairfax, Virginia. She is also Director of Starbright Training Institute for Child and Family Play Therapy. Dr. Gil has worked in the field of child abuse prevention and treatment since 1973. A licensed marriage, family, and child counselor; an approved marriage and family therapy supervisor; a registered art therapist; and a registered play therapy supervisor, she is a former President of the Association for Play Therapy, which honored her with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Course Use: The book also serves as a text for advanced courses on child therapy, child development, family therapy, domestic violence, or child abuse.


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The Healing Power of Play: Working with Abused Children by Eliana Gil, Book



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