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The Respectful Workplace Game

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The Respectful Workplace Game

Bullying, harassment, and verbal abuse are not only painful for the targets of such behavior, but also there are serious negative consequences for the organization–reduced productivity, reduced creativity, increased turnover, and absenteeism. The Respectful Workplace Game™ is designed to give all employees, both supervisory and non-supervisory the skills they need to handle even the most difficult problems in an effective and respectful way. Players learn and practice six Principles of the Workplace Respect so that their actions could never be interpreted or mis-interpreted as bullying or harassment. Players also evaluate case studies and make recommendations how to prevent or end bullying and harassment. This game is not specifically about sexual harassment, but rather about learning how to deal effectively and respectfully with everyone at work. This simulation is appropriate for business courses as well as for seminars and training at the workplace.

The board represents an office complex, and players follow schedules in order to attend important meetings in various offices. Planning is important as players are penalized for being late to meetings. Players pick from three decks of cards: Case Study cards present case studies of realistic workplace situations. Players identify bullying or harassment and suggest remedies. Respectful Relationships cards give examples of difficult management and other interpersonal situations. Players select the best response and suggest their own solutions. Bonus cards are true-false and multiple-choice questions that give information on essential aspects of workplace respect and workplace bullying.

2-6 players, or more when played with teams. Ages 14 to adult.


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The Respectful Workplace Game



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