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The Secret Life of Twins: Natural Similarities

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How accurate is the term “identical twins”? Can a cell-for-cell likeness between two siblings really exist? And what does that say about the supposed uniqueness of each human being? This program examines the genetics, physiology, and psychology behind such questions as it presents fascinating real-world case studies of identical twin development. Viewers meet monozygotic twins raised apart and finally reunited, another pair who suffered identical illnesses at the same time, and two brothers, both doctors, setting out to discover if their shared genes mean they will be identical forever. Two decades of medical research on physical similarities in twins—recorded down to the tiniest skin markings—highlight the concept of “natural cloning.” A BBC/TLC Coproduction. (52 minutes)

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Introduction: What is Binge Drinking? (04:29)
Binge drinking is drinking large quantities of alcohol over a short period of time and is a worldwide issue. Binge drinking can lead to a range of problems. Peer pressure or a desire to fit in are influences on drinking.

Effects of Alcohol (04:43)

Alcohol effects the liver, brain and central nervous system. It can lead to increased risk taking. Consequences of alcohol abuse are evident in relationships, work, school and finances.

Reasons for Binge Drinking and Addiction (03:25)

Teens drink to push boundaries, take risks and fit in. When dependent on alcohol, people drink to feel normal, or to cope with other problems. Addicts can experience withdrawals including nausea and anxiety.

Associated Risks of Binge Drinking (02:49)

Legal risks of underage drinking vary by country, but include drunk driving, physical assault and sexual assault, all of which have legal ramifications.

Consequences (03:05)

Binge drinking has social and emotional consequences. Alcohol kills more people than all other drugs combined. It leads to increased instances of unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Responsible Behavior; Summary (04:01)

Drink responsibly, making sure to eat and drink water. When going to a party, take only the amount you want to drink and don't take drinks from others. Look out for friends and encourage them to act responsibly.

Credits: Teenage Drinking: Facts and Fiction (00:25)

Credits: Teenage Drinking: Facts and Fiction

Length: 53 min

Copyright Date: 2009

The Secret Life of Twins: Natural Similarities



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