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Tough Justice: Texas Style


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This BBC program joins Michael Gove – the man in charge of British prisons – on a fact-finding mission in Texas. "Hang 'em high" Texas is not the first place you might look for lessons in criminal justice, as it executes more people and locks up more offenders than anywhere else in America. But now this conservative state is the unlikely center of a rehabilitation-led revolution in prison reform that's sweeping through the US. Crime is down, prisoner numbers have fallen and on top of this, they've cut costs. Are there valuable lessons to be learned here, and are UK politicians really ready to dole out some Texan justice?

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Tough Justice: Texas Style— Introduction (01:06)
A Texas judge attempts to keep people out of prison. Law makers from abroad arrive in Texas to investigate the state's approach to criminal justice.

Alfred Adams: Former Gangster (03:49)

Texas has the highest rate of executions and incarcerations; a revolution is closing prisons and reducing crime. Adams discusses his past criminal lifestyle. He changed his life and rebuilt his relationship with his son, a local pastor.

New Approach to Crime (02:27)

Judge Bobby Francis runs a specialty drug court in Dallas; most offenders have spent their lives in and out of prisons and all have addictions. The court helps offenders rebuild their lives, but has a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, and lies.

Michael Johnson: Alcoholic and Addict (03:48)

Johnson has several convictions and has spent time in jail on five occasions. He describes attitudes toward prisoners and his change in lifestyle since attending Judge Francis' court. Francis wants offenders who appear in his court to succeed; he approaches the courtroom like parenting.

Criminal Justice Shift (03:41)

Courts like Francis' cut prison rates, reduce crime, and save taxpayers money. Justice Secretary Michael Grove meets with policy makers responsible for the rehabilitation revolution. Jerry Madden discusses the focus on rehabilitation; prison costs 17 times the amount of community supervision and nearly half of the offenders re-offend.

Juvenile Incarceration (02:03)

Gove tours one of five young offender units and talks to an inmate about his crime; nine offender units closed.

High Security Women's Prison (02:28)

Rehabilitation is a main approach to crime and punishment in Texas. The Patriot Paws program pairs offenders with dogs to train the animals to assist military veterans; the program helps reduce recidivism.

Jefferey Weatherall: Missed Court Appearance (03:52)

Gove observes Judge Francis' court room and talks to offenders after their hearings. Weatherall does not arrive for his court appearance; courtroom staff believe he is using drugs again. Francis signs arrest warrants.

Prisons, Universities of Crime? (02:05)

England and Wales have the highest incarceration rates in Western Europe; Gove wants to change that. Frank earned his first conviction at the age of 10; he started using drugs while in prison. Judge Richard Bray reflects on families with a criminal history.

Prison Reform (03:12)

Gove states that prison is failing English society. Judge Bray reflects on reforming criminal justice in England and Wales; prison system workers and offenders want reform.

Credits: Tough Justice: Texas Style (00:42)

Credits: Tough Justice: Texas Style

Length: 30 min

Copyright Date: 2015


Tough Justice: Texas Style



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