Zoom Understanding Fatherhood: PowerPoint Class

Understanding Fatherhood: PowerPoint Class


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Engage, inform, and build confidence in new dads with this interactive PowerPoint
for PC or MAC

Released 2020
Ages 13 - Adult
Includes Facilitator's Guide With Handouts and PowerPoint User Guide
Approximately 60 slides and 11 video clips

This easy-to-customize PowerPoint presentation spans the fatherhood experience from prenatal to postpartum and beyond with embedded videos, images, helpful checklists, and fun trivia. Easy to implement and facilitate, you can update your existing fatherhood classes with this presentation, replace self-made materials, or create a brand-new class!

*Designed to appeal to a male audience and encourage group interaction
Includes animation, inspirational quotes, humor, and discussion prompts to lighten the mood

*Delivers evidence-based information, such as the importance of being a father, how to be involved during pregnancy, what to expect during labor and birth, signs of paternal depression, why partner support is important for breastfeeding, and how to nurture the daddy/baby bond

*Included Facilitator’s Guide provides educators with effective teaching tips, best practices (including research-based information on teaching male learners), and parent handouts

*Customize Your Presentation at No Additional Cost!

*Fully customize your presentation to meet your teaching needs—move slides, add text, insert your logo, and more.


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Understanding Fatherhood: PowerPoint Class



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