Zoom Women: Free To Live Series, DVD

Women: Free To Live Series, DVD


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Running Time: 40 minutes

Part 1: Bambi's Story: Bambi, a fascinating Hispanic woman is a true miracle "in action." She has had 13 'trips' to prison and 26 years behind bars. She finally accepted addiction as her primary problem and found recovery. Clean and sober for five years, Bambi, now works as a drug and alcohol counselor in a transitional living treatment facility for women.

Part 2: Voices of Freedom: An ethnically, economically and otherwise diverse group of women tell their stories: what it used to be like, what happened, what it's like now. Meet Christina, Jana and other "graduates" of prison and life in the "last lane." Treatment, transitional living and "life in the now" have become the basis of their freedom. They share their discoveries in dealing with such issues as male dependency, shame and guilt, and physical and mental abuse. A warm, compelling tale of addiction; dignity lost and found through recovery.


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Women: Free To Live Series, DVD



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