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Made in the 1980s by Wendy McEvoy, this program is more poignant now than ever. This fascinating documentary will give anyone who works with or is interested in children, an insight into children’s social lives. Filmed over the summer holidays, the program offers a revealing study of the street play of young children (3 to 7 years) living in a cul-de-sac in an English town. Through their games, fantasies, and interactions we get a revealing and unsentimental view of children’s society, showing the importance of the peer group in shaping the child’s social development. As the program develops, it reveals certain aspects of childhood which may dislodge some cosily held views amongst grown ups.

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Summer Holidays (04:25)
Colette describes Katrina, an older girl, as her best friend. They play together every day in Woodbine Place, a cul-de-sac. She remembers little from when her sister Lauren was born.

Picnic Confrontation (04:25)

Lauren and Fran are best friends. They disagree over whether Lauren pours juice on Fran; Fran says she is no longer Lauren's friend. They tussle and Lauren cries to her mother.

Lesson in Social Behavior (02:47)

Lauren says Fran is a good girl, even though Fran bit her. Fran knocks her stuffed toy from her hand and takes it. She then apologizes, but Lauren is offended. Fran tries different tactics to win back her friendship.

Friends who Fight (06:18)

Katrina and Colette discuss arguing and making up. Ned makes a parking garage for his model cars. Paul offers to help but knocks it down and steals the cars; Ned leaves, crying. Colette retrieves the cars and returns them to Ned.

Being Bullied (04:07)

Ned says Paul is no longer his friend; Paul steals and throws stones. Older boys tease Ned about his shoe size and try to make him fight. Ned says it is best to play by himself.

Secret Camp (02:50)

Colette and Katrina have a hidden den between their gardens. They talk about Katrina's deaf grandfather; Colette recalls some sign language she has learned.

Evolving Friendships (04:14)

Colette discusses why she is closer to Katrina than Beth. The three girls pretend to be orphaned teenagers. Later in their secret camp, Colette and Katrina exclude Beth and speak about her negatively.

Big Kids on the Street (04:16)

Katrina likes to hang out with Ben, who does not always talk about transformers. Ben's favorite game is when Katrina pushes him in the go cart. He plays hide and seek with Peter, his best friend.

Building Project (04:14)

Peter, Joe, and Steve try to make a wall by dismantling part of a wooden fence. Peter gets into trouble with an adult, but does not mind.

Getting in Trouble (04:06)

Peter refuses to let Ben play with a metal pipe; Ben says they are no longer friends. Ben defends Katrina from Joe. Joe admits that he fights often. Boys exclude another child from behind a fence.

Naughty Child (01:55)

Peter and Joe say they only play with Alan when he is being good. Alan smashes an action figure, despite Peter's protest.

BMX Game (03:06)

Joe and Steve make a ramp on which to practice bicycle tricks. Joe takes a leadership role. They play in a parked car with Alan.

Girls vs. Boys (04:26)

Joe says he does not like girls. Colette, Beth, and Katrina tease John from their secret camp. Ned and Fran sit and watch a construction crew at Woodbine Place.

Credits: Woodbine Place (01:01)

Credits: Woodbine Place

Length: 53 minutes

Copyright Date: 1987

Woodbine Place



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