Zoom 10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Beef & Beer

10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Beef & Beer

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Kathriona meets Alain Alders, Michelin starred chef at the spectacular Castle Estate of ‘Restaurant De vrienden van Jacob’ in Amsterdam. A member of BordBia’s Chefs Irish Beef Club, Alain explains why he values Irish beef so highly as he prepares Kathriona the perfect, mouth-watering steak. Kathriona pulls on her white coat and hat and surrounds herself with beef carcasses and meets Teagasc’s Paul Allen to test a number of post-mortem factors which impact hugely on the final taste on our plates. Jonathan meets Teagasc’s DrDonagh Berry who is looking to develop a ground-breaking world first genetics test which could predict the tenderness of an animal’s offspring. Ireland may be famous for a pint of the black stuff, but the last decade has witnessed the emergence of a new kid on the block, the craft beer. Aoibhinn looks at the explosion in the craft beer industry in Ireland and visits a brewery to find out some of the key ingredients and processes that go into creating the perfect pint. 2016, 25 minutes

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10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Beef & Beer



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