Zoom Achievers: Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century DVD Series

Achievers: Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century DVD Series

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Part of the Series : Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century

Haley struggles with guilt and sadness. Liam tells his brother Jonny his secret. Kobra overcomes the fear of failing.

Length: 43 minutes


ISBN: 9781640237742

Copyright date: ©2016


Meet Haley (03:24)

Using Bloom's taxonomy, Rick Stevenson interviews subjects annually, encouraging self-discovery. Haley finds kissing nasty, but will have to do it one day because she wants to have children. She prays every day.

Haley: Age 13 (03:41)

Friends thought Haley was more outgoing and perky this year. Keegan died from cancer in the sixth grade. In high school, Haley suffered from anxiety and depression.

Haley: Age 19 (05:27)

The University of Washington admitted Haley into their undergraduate program and she joined Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She feels she is too sensitive at times. By the time she turned 21, she learned to regulate her emotions and restrict them.

Meet Jonathan and Liam (04:42)

The brothers tortured each other as children. Jonathan likes to debate and placed third in a National Competition. Liam has never failed at anything he has attempted.

In High School (03:42)

Jonathan and Liam both want to pursue a law degree in college and do not talk about their emotions. The brothers attend McGill University. Jonathan won the World Debate Competition in Qatar.

College Together (06:22)

The brothers cannot remember the last time they cried. Jonathan organized Liam's frosh week at McGill University. Liam told Jonathan he was gay the night before Jonathan joined the army.

Meet Brittany (03:32)

When Brittany Paige grows up she wants to perform and sing. She places high expectations on herself at school, figure skating, and at performances.

Brittany: Age 15 (02:41)

Brittany changed her appearance in high school, gave up figure skating, and decided to not set as high expectations for herself. She enjoys high school, because she is not bullied.

Heavy Metal Career (03:30)

Mick the Beard interviews Kobra and the Lotus for Metal Gods TV. Brittany performed 45 shows in 71 days, is home for a week to work on the second album, and loves being a rock star. The Anti-Kobra and Anti-Lotus Facebook page criticized the rock star.

Greatest Fear (04:19)

Brittany feels additional insecurities because of the negative publicity. Gene Simmons asked Universal Music group to sign Kobra and the Lotus. She feels like her career is starting to take off and excited to perform.

Credits: Achievers (00:30)

Credits: Achievers

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Achievers: Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century DVD Series



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