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An Introduction to Self-Regulation, DVD


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Developing self-regulation helps children in really important and far reaching ways. Research shows that self-regulated children become much more successful in later life – both emotionally and as independent learners. This introductory program gives a clear explanation of what self-regulation is, explaining four basic psychological principles that are the bedrock of self-regulation. David Whitebread, one of the principal researchers into self-regulation in young children, talks about these important prerequisites and how they can be provided, illustrating his insights with real-life examples.

Length: 11 minutes


Closed Captioned

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How Would you Define Self-Regulation and its Importance for Learning? (02:52)
David Whitebread discusses Lev Vygotsky's research on the social aspects of child development and how adults provide learning models for children. Metacognition refers to one's developing knowledge and understanding of one's own thinking. Self-regulation is essential for success in adulthood.

What are the Psychological Developments Needed for Self-Regulation? (07:44)
Children need relationships with adults that feature trust and emotional warmth; a cognitively challenging learning environment; feelings of control and autonomy; and support in planning and reflecting upon activities

Length: 11 minutes

Copyright Date: 2015

An Introduction to Self-Regulation, DVD



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