Zoom Child of Our Time 2013 DVD Series

Child of Our Time 2013 DVD Series

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Child of Our Time 2013
The Series Includes : Identity Crisis | Thanks for the Memories: How Children Remember | Power Struggles: Parents vs. Children | Zero to Hero: Shyness and Sociability in Children | Read My Lips: Learning Language | Flesh and Blood: Sibling Rivalry | Right and Wrong: Moral Development in Children | Recipe for Success: How Children Learn | Will to Win: Helping Children Succeed | Fitting In or Standing Out? Conformity in Childhood | Killing Creativity: Are Schools or Parents to Blame? | Divide of the Sexes: Gender Roles in Childhood | The Age of Stress: Children Under Pressure | Growing Up: Child of Our Time 2013 | Changing Families: Child of Our Time 2013


In the year 2000, producers for the BBC began documenting the growth and development of 25 newborn children from a wide range of social, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds. This series shows viewers the results so far, capturing pivotal stages in each child’s learning process, manner of socialization, and physical development. Students of child psychology, early childhood education, and multicultural education will encounter detailed information and numerous case studies in these programs, while course instructors will find a wealth of material with which to launch lectures and discussions. A BBC/Open University Co-production.

Copyright date: ©2013


Copyright Date: 2013

Child of Our Time 2013 DVD Series



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