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Children in a Violent Society, Book

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Edited by Joy D. Osofsky

Published: August 10, 1998

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Today's children are bombarded with images of violence in cartoons, news reports, television shows, computer games, movies, and other media. In growing numbers, they are also exposed to real-life violence in their own homes and communities—as witnesses, victims, and, increasingly, perpetrators. Emphasizing the need for early intervention and prevention, this timely book details the incidence and scope of the violence epidemic and examines the developmental impact of violence on children. Contributors describe several exemplary prevention and intervention programs currently in place around the country and propose a range of educational and policy initiatives.

Table of Contents

Foreword, Peter Scharf, Ph.D.
I. Scope of the Problem
1. Children and Youth Violence: An Overview of the Issues, Joy D. Osofsky
2. Exposure and Response to Community Violence among Children and Adolescents, Esther J. Jenkins and Carl C. Bell
3. What Children Can Tell Us about Living in a War Zone, James Garbarino and Kathleen Kostelny
4. Firearm Injuries Affecting U.S. Children and Adolescents, Katherine Kaufer Christoffel
5. Media Violence and Youth, John P. Murray
6. The Experience and Effects of Violence in Infancy, Charles H. Zeanah and Michael S. Scheeringa
7. Incubated in Terror: Neurodevelopmental Factors in the "Cycle of Violence," Bruce D. Perry
8. The Development of Violence and Crime as It Relates to Security of Attachment, Peter Fonagy, Mary Target, Miriam Steele, and Howard Steele
II. Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Families Exposed to Violence
9. Interventions with Parnets and Caregivers of Children Who Are Exposed to Violence, Betsy McAllister Groves and Barry Zuckerman
10. Experiencing Violence in a Developmental Context, Steven Marans and Anne Adelman
11. The Trauma/Grief-Focused Group Psychotherapy Module of an Elementary School-Based Violence Prevention/Intervention Project, Lisa Murphy, Robert S. Pynoos, and C. Boyd James
12. The Violence Intervention Project for Children and Families, Joy D. Osofsky
13. Perceptions of Violence: Children, Parents, and Police Officers, Ana C. Fick, Joy D. Ososfsky, and Marva L. Lewis
14. Violent Cities, Violent Streets: Children Draw Their Neighborhoods, Marva L. Lewis and Joy D. Ososfsky
15. Cops and Kids: Issues for Community Policing, Pamerla Jenkins, Ruth Seydlitz, Joy D. Osofsky, and Ana C. Fick
16. Prevention and Policy: Directions for the Future, Joy. D. Osofsky

Practitioners, researchers, and students in clinical and developmental psychology, related mental health fields, education, law enforcement, public health, and public policy.

Serves as primary or supplementary reading for courses on child development, violence prevention, and youth violence.


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Children in a Violent Society, Book



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