Zoom Early Childhood Cognitive Development: Weighing the Evidence DVD

Early Childhood Cognitive Development: Weighing the Evidence DVD

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Does early brain stimulation really build a better baby? ABC News correspondent Chris Bury takes a balanced look at the Barney-or-Bach controversy with John Bruer, author of The Myth of the First Three Years, on one side and renowned child psychoanalyst Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect, on the other. Guest anchor Cokie Roberts then leads a thoughtful discussion on the subject between Harvard Medical School's Alvin Poussaint; Ellen Galinsky, co-founder of the Families and Work Institute and author of Ask the Children; and Danielle Crittenden, author of What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us. (22 minutes)

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 Closed Captioned

Introduction: Early Childhood Cognitive Development: Weighing the Evidence (02:10)


Viewers are given a brief overview of the topic to be discussed. Should children be stimulated constantly at an early age?

Brain Science (02:01)

John Bruer says that brain science does not indicate that environmental stimulation influences a child's intelligence.

Behavioral Studies (01:23)

Dr. Stanley Greenspan Greenspan maintains that stimulation in the first three years is incredibly crucial to cognitive development.

Government Programs (00:50)

Vermont delivers child-rearing lessons to the families of highest need.

Is the "Mozart Effect" Real? (02:16)

Parents spend billions to create "better, brighter babies." John Bruer says a neurologically normal child in a normal human environment will grow up healthy and intelligent. Hear criticism of his claim.

Laying Foundations for Learning (02:08)

Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Alvin Poussaint discusses the recent emphasis on early childhood and its importance.

"Enriched Environment" (01:38)

Author Danielle Crittenden addresses the stress and guilt of working parents. Poussaint responds to the topic of an enriched environment.

Working Parents (01:24)

Author Ellen Galinsky shares some of the "12 essential parenting skills." The children of working parents who have these skills are not hindered, says Galinsky.

Race to College (02:24)

Poussaint addresses the pressure to start getting children ready for college as early as age 4. Crittenden responds to the issue of competition among parents and the resulting negative impacts on society.

Overscheduled (01:36)

The busy nature of American society results in the loss of quality time between parents and children. Panelists share opinions on this topic.

Disconnect (02:43)

Marketers latched onto research about stimulation and parents now buy products to replace simple interactions. Parents also need support and assistance in their roles.

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Early Childhood Cognitive Development: Weighing the Evidence DVD



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