Zoom Early Socialization: From Birth to Age Two DVD

Early Socialization: From Birth to Age Two DVD

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Life outside the womb requires an ability to interact with others right from day one. This informative program clinically tracks the social development of two young children, Max and Ellie. Video footage taken during their first 24 months demonstrates their progress from awareness and bonding; to communication by vocalization, facial expression, body language, and speech; to attachment to key adults; to parallel play, sharing with peers, and the rudiments of negotiation. In addition, Max and Ellie's parents provide their observations on the children's socialization and discuss some of the challenges of parenthood. (23 minutes)

Length: 24 minutes


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 Closed Captioned

Socialization: Max and Ellie (02:00)

Socialization is the process by which children learn skills necessary for adulthood. We'll follow newborns Max and Ellie as they acquire these skills during their first two years.

Awareness and Communication (04:16)

Socialization begin when babies gain an awareness of their environment. Communication between babies and caretakers leads to bonding, and shows how babies begin to relate to society early on.

Features of Attachment (03:53)

When babies form bonds with key people, it is called "attachment". The four main features of attachment include soothing, reassuring, playing, and exploring.

First 18 Months: Changes (03:33)

During the first 18 months of life, babies gain diverse skills in the process of socialization. Language evolves quickly, faces convey emotion, and parallel play with other children occurs.

Changes for Parents (04:14)

New parents share how their lives have been impacted during the first 18 months of their babies' lives.

Two Years of Age (03:10)

By two, children play together, even though sharing is still difficult. As language develops, negotiations get easier, and children have gained many socialization skills needed for adult life.

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Early Socialization: From Birth to Age Two DVD



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