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Growing Up: Child of Our Time 2013 DVD

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Part of the Series : Child of Our Time: A Year-by-Year Study of Childhood Development (12 Parts) | Child of Our Time 2013

Part of a series that has followed a group of children from their birth at the millennium, this program reviews the children's life and challenges as they hit their teenage years. We discover how they have coped with bullying, with having a famous parent or with learning to live with money worries. Footage from the archive gives us a view into the children's past. All our families take part in both programs but this one predominantly features Helena, the only survivor of triplets born prematurely; Parys, whose mom Alison Lapper is a famous artist; Yorkshire girl Rhianna, who is forthright about her family's financial troubles; technology loving Taliesin; Het from Wembley in London, who has big ambitions; farm girl Megan; Matthew from Surrey, whose family is preparing for a great change in their lives; Scottish twins Alex and Ivo; and William from Settle, a tennis prodigy who burnt out. A BBC/Open University Co-production. A part of the series Child of Our Time 2013.

 Closed Captioned

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Following Lives of Children (02:58)
13 years ago, BBC began following 25 children after their birth at the millennium, capturing their lives. The children will share their feelings as they reach their teens.

Adolescence (01:04)
Parents and 13-year-old adolescents talk about the challenges of being neither child nor adult.

Helena's Birth (02:58)
Helena is one of three triplets; the first two were prematurely born and died. Helena faced severe health problems at birth and had a blood clot; doctors asked to turn off life support.

Fighting for Life (02:10)
Helena's parents faced the decision of taking ending her life or letting her survive with near certain permanent brain damage. Her mother saw her eyes follow them as they had the conversation.

Helena's Early Life (00:60)
See scenes of Helena growing up. Her mother talks about pampering her too much due to her struggle to survive as a baby.

Helena's Interests (01:47)
Helena talks about her writing interests. Her mother and grandmother talk about her as made for the technological age.

Early Days of Parenting (02:00)
Parents recall the initial feelings of parenthood. A mother recalls her toddler unplugging the vacuum cleaner to get attention.

Use of Voice (01:10)
A woman without arms relied heavily on verbal commands, as she could not physically restrain her child from, for instance, running into the street.

Famous Parent (01:36)
Alison Lapper became a famous artist and took Parys almost everywhere she traveled. He talks about the challenges of having a famous mother.

Living with Caregiver (02:32)
Alison Lapper has a caregiver living with her. Her son Parys talks about rarely being able to be alone with her as a result. She talks about how he is changing.

Ambitions (02:04)
Adolescents talk about what they want to be when they grow up. One girl's parents wanted her to be an astronaut, but her ambitions are focused on Hollywood.

Money Struggles (03:41)
Rhianna's family is often pressed for money, so she has learned its value. Her mother criticizes her father, Andy, for having been lazy in the past.

Finances (01:36)
Rhianna's father now has a steady job. She hopes he will stick with it. If she marries, she will have separate bank accounts.

Big Brother (02:24)
Matthew has been rivals with older brother Robert since they were young. They were long the same height, but Robert's growth spurt has made Matthew look up to him as a big brother.

Grandparents (03:11)
Matthew's grandparents live around the corner and are close with him. Things are changing; his grandmother has Parkinson's and has to live in a care home.

Identical Twins (02:18)
Identical twins Alex and Iva have a very strong bond. People have difficulty telling them apart, so they wear different-colored clothes.

Secondary School (01:22)
Parents and children talk about entering secondary school.

Bullying (02:32)
Taliesin has been bullied since he was four. He withdrew into interests such as photography.

Mother on Bullied Child (02:37)
Taliesin did not want to go to school due to bullying. His experience resonated with his mother, who was abused by her father.

Overcoming Bullying (01:26)
Taliesin switched schools and is no longer bullied. He believes past bullying made him stronger.

Changes in Adolescence (02:00)
Girls mature faster than boys. Megan was a tomboy when younger but now paints her nails. She is becoming more independent and less compliant.

Entering Teenage Years (02:13)
A boy anticipates arguing with his mother. Other teens and their parents talk about their mood swings and changing priorities and personalities.

Quitting Tennis (04:33)
William seemed destined to become a professional tennis player from a young age. Tennis dominated his time, but he lost his love for the game and quit.

Sacrificing Career for Children (02:02)
A woman envisions the career life she could have had if she had not had children, and the fulfillment she would have found.

Childhood Ending (03:53)
Parents reflect on what it has been like raising children, and how their relationship with their children is changing.

Life Goals (00:56)
Children discuss what they want to do when they grow up.

Credits: Growing Up: Child of Our Time 2013 (00:33)
Credits: Growing Up: Child of Our Time 2013

Length: 59 minutes

Copyright Date: 2013

Growing Up: Child of Our Time 2013 DVD



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