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Life at 5: Great Expectations

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The Life at 5 Series Includes : Life at 5: Resilience | Life at 5: Great Expectations |
Life at 5 | Life at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9: A Longitudinal Study in Child Development

A good start to school depends on three fundamental gifts: the ability to communicate effectively, a talent for fitting in well with others, and an ambition to learn. This program tracks the challenges, setbacks, and successes in the lives of a half-dozen 5-year-olds as they prepare for the world of organized education. When it comes to school readiness, why is Ben, the smallest of quintuplets, lagging behind? Can science explain why Declan is such an engaging chatterbox? Will school be too much for unpredictable Jara’na? And how will a range of factors—such as the role of higher education in Haleema’s family, Sofia’s apprehension about seeing her father in the hospital, or Anastasija’s attitude towards authority—impact the learning potential with which these children are blessed? Part of the series Life at 1, 3, 5, and 7: A Longitudinal Study in Childhood Development. (52 minutes)

Length: 53 minutes


ISBN: 978-1-62102-013-4

Copyright date: ©2010

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Introduction to: Life at 5: Resilience (01:11)

Researchers track the challenges, setbacks, and successes of 5 year-olds as they prepare for the world of organized education.

The 21st Century Child Starts School (02:43)

A good start to school depends on: the ability to communicate effectively; a talent for fitting in with others; and desire to learn. The parents of each child express their concerns as they send their children off to start their first day of school.

Ben (04:08)

The smallest of quintuplets, Ben is described as the most vulnerable of his siblings. Ben defies developmental odds. Ben's birth order is proven to help with his speech problems.

Vocabulary (02:47)

Educational Psychologists for over 50 years use simple tests to gage a child's comprehension of spoken words. Tests reveal a child's ability to cope in school

Haleema (05:27)

Haleema is a champion reader. She and her mother shuffle between households with little routine, but her mother reads to her every night--this may play a role in Haleema bucking the odds.

School Readiness (00:24)

An Australian survey concludes that 1 in 5 five-year-old children are socially and developmentally vulnerable; the odds for indigenous children are worse.

Jara'na (05:22)

Jara'na's parents discuss his personality characteristics. Tests are conducted to determine levels of fear that he experiences in his daily life.

Anastasija (02:52)

Anastasija's parents talk about her strong skills in adapting to various situations with ease. This ability is about to be challenged as Anastasija's family welcomes a new baby.

Siblings and Negotiation (03:16)

Longitudinal studies show that the familial relationships are a complex system of interviewing relationships that help shape the development of a child.

Lying is a Learned Social Cognitive Skill (03:56)

Children are invited back into the life lab to be observed by a child psychologist to discover which child has learned the cognitive skills to tell a white lie.

A Child's Persistent Temperament (01:24)

Parents are asked through a questionnaire to reveal how their children were developing a persistent temperament.

Sofia (05:43)

Sofia's parents discuss her temperament and persistence through examples of her achievements and difficulties in life.

Building a self-identity through Familial Relationships. (01:48)

Jara'na discovers some important news about his grandfather as he prepares to start school for the first time.

Decklan (03:05)

Decklan's parents discuss personality characteristics as he prepares for his first day of school.

Personality Differences (03:34)

Decklan, Anastasija, and Jara'na demonstrate significan differences as they prepare for the first day of school.

School Readiness as a Predictor of Success (03:54)

The importance of of a good transition to school cannot be underestimated. Anastasija learns a new lesson in her school environment. Lunch offers an escape from the classroom. Anastasija has difficulty coping with the day.

Credits: Life at 5: Great Expectations (01:15)

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