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Part of the Life at 9 Series: Creativity, Independence
Life at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9: A Longitudinal Study in Child Development

Childhood creativity is an even greater predictor of success in later life than IQ. But why? What is creativity, and where does it come from? And how does creativity flourish? So in this episode we will test how creative our Life children are. Dr David Cropley, a leader in the field of innovation and creativity, takes our children through a series of creative exercises in the Life Lab and the results are astounding. For the first time we test our parents against their kids, in a race to see if today's kids are more creative than their parents.

Length: 58 minutes

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Life at 9: Creativity: Introduction (02:50)

Scientists are trying to unlock secrets of child development by following children from their birth; the subjects are now nine years old. This episode will examine creativity in children. Scientists are worried that creativity is being stifled in the modern age. (Credits)

Paper Plate Experiment (02:44)

Stephen Zubrick notes creativity is not limited to artistic ability; it also includes problem solving. David Cropley attempts to measure each child's creativity by giving them a series of tests in the Life Lab.

Wyatt at Age 9 (03:03)

Although Wyatt is creative, he is behind in school and needs additional help. He was born when his mother was 15— his parents separated eighteen months later. His little brother has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.

Resilience (02:44)

A benefactor offered to pay Tamara's tuition to culinary school. The family has moved in with her mother who helps take care of Wyatt and his siblings. Wyatt is an example of how problem solving and coping are forms of creativity.

Creativity and Aging (02:10)

Unlike most kids, Wyatt does not think he is creative. Parents and children are instructed to build a tower in the Life Lab. The children's group dives right into building while the adults spend more time planning and are conscious of group dynamics.

Parents Negotiate More Than Children (02:17)

Only one of the adult's structures stayed erect, while all of the children's did. Scientists dub the desire to conform and decline of creativity the "fourth grade slump"— Joshua is already feeling its effects.

Joshua at Age 9 (03:34)

Joshua's mother describes how he refuses to attempt something until he knows he can succeed at it. He will soon take the NAPLAN test to gauge his learning progress and is being tutored to achieve a good score.

Perfection at What Cost? (02:42)

Researchers worry that the need to be perfect hinders creativity. Carl Honoré describes how education has changed over the past decade. Zubrick explains that free play is essential to cognitive, behavioral, and physical learning.

Sofia at Age 9 (02:12)

Sophia has an after school most days of the week. Her father, Anthony, compares the family's schedule to speed dating.

Cancer Diagnosis (03:10)

Anthony recovered when Sofia was a toddler and remains in remission. Sofia chooses her own activities; her parents worry that her schedule is too busy. Half of Australian 9 year olds participate in two extracurricular activities each week.

Declan at Age 9 (02:03)

Declan requires constant activity and entertainment. His mother Kim confesses that it is easier to adapt to the way he wants things than to disagree.

Stifled Creativity (03:20)

Kim discovers that not allowing Declan to watch TV prior to getting ready for school helps the morning routine. Too much time spent on TV and video games rewires children's brains. According to the longitudinal study, Declan's screen time matches the national average of 20 hours per week.

NAPLAN Test Scores (02:23)

Joshua's budding perfectionism is inhibiting his creativity. His teacher describes how Joshua refuses to be creative even when asked. The children take a building creativity workshop.

Positive Response to Creativity Workshop (02:07)

Matt Rodan he creates a space free of judgement to encourage those who are fearful of being wrong. Joshua writes a book and is starting to see value in his own ideas; his mother is proud.

Creative Problem Solving Experiment (01:57)

Cropely instructs the children to remove slime from a test tube, have it travel through a tube, and put it back into the test tube without touching it. Sofia is the only child who completes the experiment; she uses a spatula and a few straws.

Building Creativity Through Play (02:08)

Sofia had the lowest amount of screen time of all the children. Although she is busy with extra-curricular activities, she also spent time engaged in free play, which is essential to a child's development.

Free Play Outside (02:48)

Declan prefers to play inside. The children go on a bushwalk— the guide asks the children to find a secret spot away from everyone else and spend a half an hour alone. Declan surprises the research staff by enjoying the time and creating activities.

Changes in Environment (03:05)

Declan started taking drum lessons without his parent's approval. His mother relents and allows him to continue. Cropely explains that problem solving is creativity.

Building Creativity (03:59)

Creativity needs to be used in order to improve. The subjects take a test to measure creativity, and then participate in exercises to build creativity before retaking the test. All of the students improve, but Wyatt scores in the 98th percentile.

Wyatt at Age 9 (02:32)

Carl Honoré worries that kids are either over-managed or not being given enough help. Wyatt's science teacher gives him special attention and encouragement.

Setting a Good Example (02:59)

Inspired by Tamara, her fiancé Robert, has begun studying horticulture. The family gathers for an engagement party. Experts reiterate the importance of creativity in children.

Credits: Life at 9: Creativity (00:47)

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