Zoom Optimizing Intelligences: Thinking, Emotion, and Creativity

Optimizing Intelligences: Thinking, Emotion, and Creativity

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This program brings together three psychologists who have transformed thinking about the role of creativity and emotion in maximizing human potential. In a conversation hosted by Yale University's Peter Salovey, Howard Gardner discusses his philosophy of multiple intelligences, Daniel Goleman expounds on emotional intelligence, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi talks about "flow." Interwoven throughout is commentary by educators and social service professionals, including Renilde Montessori and Maurice Elias, about putting these concepts into practice to help create better schools, better mental health facilities, and better work environments. (49 minutes)

Length: 48 minutes


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Overview of Multiple Intelligences (03:32)

Intelligence, once understood only as analytical problem-solving skills, is also measured in terms of emotion and creativity.

Different Ways of Thinking: Multiple Intelligences (03:51)

Developmental psychologist Howard Gardner discusses his philosophy of multiple intelligences.

Montessori Approach to Education (04:20)

The Montessori approach to education follows the natural directives inherent in a child. The environment plays a key role in the development of intelligences. Developmental psychologist Howard Gardner expands on multiple intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences and Second Language Learners (03:42)

Educational consultant Jo Gusman asserts that the theory of multiple intelligences can enhance the predominant language learning models--bilingual education and language-only education.

The Role of Emotions: Emotional Intelligence (15:53)

Author Daniel Goleman discusses the ideas from his book "Emotional Intelligence." Educational experts Maurice Elias and Renilde Montessori discuss how better schools are possible. Children with psychological problems benefit from treatment based on emotional intelligence.

Optimal Experience and Creativity: Flow Theory (13:06)

Flow or "optimal experience" is a concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He defines flow as the holistic experience that people feel when they act with total involvement. Creativity and motivation can create the experience of flow.

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Optimizing Intelligences: Thinking, Emotion, and Creativity



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