Zoom Psychotherapy for Children with Bipolar Disorder, DVD

Psychotherapy for Children with Bipolar Disorder, DVD

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By Mary Fristad
Copyright Year 2014
ISBN: 9780415841641

This workshop provides an overview of bipolar disorder in children, considerations for assessment of bipolar disorder symptoms, and available treatment options. Dr. Fristad first goes into depth about methods to assess bipolar disorder in children by reviewing the information that should be collected from teachers, families, and children. In addition, she describes the differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a variety of other conditions. Dr. Fristad also reviews biological, psychological, and social treatment options for pediatric bipolar disorder. Lastly, she reviews the research and demonstrates the techniques for psychoeducational psychotherapy (PEP), a psychosocial treatment option for children with bipolar disorder. Runtime: 312 minutes

About the Author
Mary Fristad, PhD, ABPP, is a board certified clinical child psychologist specialized in the assessment and treatment of childhood mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder), with a focus on psychotherapy and nutritional interventions. She is Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Nutrition at the Ohio State University.

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Psychotherapy for Children with Bipolar Disorder, DVD



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