Zoom Resilience: DVD, Part of the Series: Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century DVD Series

Resilience: DVD, Part of the Series: Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century DVD Series

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Part of the Series : Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century

Luciano is faced with a devastating blow. Hans struggles with social anxiety. Darius finds the courage needed to be happy by identifying as transgender.

Length: 43 minutes


ISBN: 9781640237759

Copyright date: ©2016

Closed Captioned

Meet Luciano (03:41)
Using Bloom's taxonomy, Rick Stevenson interviews subjects annually, encouraging self-discovery. Luciano lives in Chile and wants to join the military, but may not be allowed because he wears an ocular prosthesis. His mother left when he was four years old.

Luciano: Age 13 (06:01)
Luciano wants to go on a mission for the church when he becomes an adult and explains he has the willpower to avoid alcohol and drugs. His mother relationship is in trouble, and she may return home. Luciano recalls how he was hit by a train and lost an arm and leg.

Luciano: Age 15 (05:42)
Luciano needed to learn how to eat and walk and was in constant pain. The Baker family and the "School of Life" came forward to help raise money for the amputee to travel to Loma Linda University and receive state of the art prosthetic devices. Nick Vujicic is Luciano's role model.

Meet Hans (04:58)
Hans Olaf Bennett plays the piano and wants to become a doctor to help cure diseases. Doctors diagnosed him with leukemia when he was twelve. Hans wonders why he got cancer, but thinks God is testing him.

Hans: Age 12 (02:44)
Hans' parents threw a party the day his portal was removed. After treatment, he started having panic attacks at the thought of returning to school. Children who have survived cancer experience increased levels of anxiety and depression.

Meet Darius (03:55)
Darius Malik Williams Watt likes swimming, acting, and does not believe in presents or going trick or treating. Darius' current friend is moving back to Japan. Darius' was raised by his grandparents after his parents split up.

Darius: Age 11 (02:22)
Darius' grandparents allow him to play with dolls, but he is not homosexual. Since Reiko moved away, he has been lonely, although he does have several friends online.

Darius: Age 12 (04:39)
Darius takes a hormone blocker to prevent puberty and will be starting estrogen therapy soon. She will not be able to gender reassignment surgery until she is 18 and identifies as a straight woman. Darius describes the prejudices and intolerance she has endured.

Darius: Age 14 (05:09)
Darius wonders if she is going to hell. She is currently taking hormone blockers and estrogen; she doubts she will ever agree to agree to a genital reconstructive procedure. Eith grade was a much better year for Darius and doubts she will lose her virginity anytime soon.

Credits: Resilience (01:21)


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Resilience: DVD, Part of the Series: Millennials: Growing Up In the 21st Century DVD Series



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