Zoom Supporting Early Literacy: 0 to 5 Year Olds, DVD

Supporting Early Literacy: 0 to 5 Year Olds, DVD

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Learning about literacy is a social act. Young children develop the necessary skills they will need to be competent and confident readers and writers from the people around them and their environment. Children need to know about their language(s) and the sounds and all about print and its uses. They need to develop a love of books and storytelling and have the confidence to express themselves, use their imagination and be creative. It is young children’s early experiences that lay the foundations for later success in learning to read and write. This program enables viewers to observe how verbal and symbolic communication develops from birth to five years of age, with a particular focus on how to support emerging literacy skills. It illustrates ways to encourage and support babies and young children to use and develop a love of books, rhymes, pretend play, and storytelling.

Length: 101 minutes


ISBN: 9781648676024

Copyright date: ©2009

Closed Captioned


Introduction: Supporting Early Literacy (01:14)
This film features sequences observing children from three months to five years. They are divided into five areas, including talkers and listeners, a love of books, drawing and mark-making, rhymes and songs, and pretend play and story time.

3 Months: Charlotte has Diaper Changed (03:30)
Charlotte's father talks to her in a two-way exchange while changing her diaper. She responds with smiles, giggles, and noises.

16 Months: Orson has Lunch (04:58)
Orson uses utensils to eat. He points to things he is interested in and uses babble and basic words. He pretends to drop his spoon, making a game. He shakes his head to refuse water.

2.5 Years: Orson and the Castle (02:04)
Orson's father sits him on a garden shed roof, pretending it is a castle. They discuss what Orson will have for lunch.

3.5 Months: Matty, Cars and Trucks (03:08)
Matty looks at his baby pictures with his mother. They recall past vehicles the family owned and discuss his father's work commute.

5.5 Years: Seb, Sharks, and Fishes (04:08)
Seb makes a picture by gluing objects to a board. He describes his vision to his mother; they talk about different shark species and "Finding Nemo."

7.5 Months: Orson Looks at a Book (01:41)
Orson looks at a book of baby faces with his mother. He grasps and pats the pages and makes noises.

2 Years: Maddi Looks at a Book (04:17)
Maddi reads a book about a teddy going shopping with her father. They discuss the pictures and pretend to eat food. Maddi expresses her sense of humor.

2 Years 10 Months: Kaycie Looks at Books (09:49)
A preschool teacher reads a book to Kaycie, Karl, Evan, and Amelia. They discuss animals in the story; Amelia acts out the snake role. Later, she reads the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and uses a felt caterpillar to represent the protagonist.

3 Years: Karl Looks at a Book (02:27)
A preschool teacher reads a book about Postman Pete to Karl, Kaycie, and Evan.

16 Months: Drawing in the Sand (03:35)
Jaleel makes marks in the sand tray with Philip and Evan. A teacher helps them discover properties of sand.

Three Years: Niaz Draws a List (03:58)
Niaz pretends to go shopping and makes a shopping list with other children and a teacher. They draw pictures of the items.

2.5 Years: Ava Goes Shopping (03:11)
Ava helps her mother make a grocery list by scribbling on one side. At the supermarket, she picks out her favorite cereal.

16 Months: Orson Sings Round the Garden (03:00)
Orson's mother reads him a nursery rhyme book. He babbles in response, points to pictures in the book, and imitates her hand gestures.

2.5 Years: Evan Sings Songs (07:51)
Evan looks at a book with a teacher. He repeats words after her and greets a stuffed bird hanging from the ceiling. He reads another book and breaks into song.

2.5 Years: Orson Sings "Incy Wincy" (02:48)
Orson plays with a paper spider made by his mother. He sings along to the nursery rhyme and follows her hand gestures. They also sing "Little Miss Muffet."

3 Years: Ava Makes Up a Song (01:42)
On a walk with mom and another three-year-old, Ava sings a song she made up about cows and grass.

4 Years: Jamie Sings "Humpty Dumpty" (01:01)
Jamie sings while her younger sister watches.

2.5 Years: Orson Puts Fireman to Bed (06:49)
Orson plays with toys at home. He pretends to read a book to his toys before putting them to bed. He practices saying the names of his toys.

3 years: Karl Sings "Teasing Mr. Alligator (05:17)
Karl, Kaycie, and Abolfazal play with puppets and sing along with the teacher.

3 Years: Niaz, the Dragon, & the Princess (09:18)
The teacher leads the children in making up a story. They play outside and act out the story.

Credits: Supporting Early Literacy: 0 to 5 Year Olds (00:24)


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Supporting Early Literacy: 0 to 5 Year Olds, DVD



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