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Teens Dealing with Death

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Maybe it’s hearing about friends, driving home from a dance, who get into a car wreck that no one survives. Or a fellow student—the one who wears a bandanna to hide what chemotherapy has done to her hair—one day fails to show up for homeroom. Or an announcement over the school’s PA system: “There will be a memorial service this afternoon…” For many young people, this will be their first exposure to death. How can teachers and school administrators help guide them through the experience? This program features Camp Comfort Zone, in Virginia, where viewers meet teens who have come to spend a weekend of talking, enjoying the outdoors, and sharing their grief over someone they’ve lost. The stories range from suicide, to sudden death, to terminal illness, and as the camp weekend progresses, viewers see how veteran campers help first-timers release their feelings. As healing and personal growth continue, an amazingly positive spirit, in most cases, actually overshadows the sadness. Teens Dealing with Death includes expert advice from Dr. Elena Lister, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Cornell University Medical College, New York City, and the collaborating psychoanalyst at the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center as well as the coauthor of I Will Remember You: A Guidebook Through Grief For Teens. Dr. Lister shares her own personal experience of losing her daughter and offers suggestions on where teens can go for support and help in their communities. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to the National Health Education Standards. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

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Helping Teens Deal with Death (04:15)
By the end of high school, 1 in 5 teens will lose a loved one. Teens around the country come to Camp Comfort Zone, in Virginia, for an intensive week of activities designed to help cope with loss.

Shock & Denial (02:17)
Feeling numb, in shock or in denial is a normal reaction for someone after first finding out that someone they love has died. Denial is a natural feeling but sometimes needs help to pass on.

Isolation (00:55)
Teens who experience death of a loved one often feel isolated and alone. They don't feel like their peers can relate to them and as a result they often keep their emotions inside.

Guilt & Regret (01:52)
Regret is a healthy response to loss while guilt occurs as a result of blaming one's self and is damaging and destructive to the healing process.

Anger & Sadness (04:01)
Anger is healthy when used in a verbal way. Unhealthy sings of anger include: harming one's self or others, promiscuity, and drug abuse. It is better to find productive ways to express anger.

Questioning God (02:27)
Coming to terms with God is a common step for most people dealing with the loss of a loved one, particularly when a young person dies.

Sadness Becoming Depression (02:44)
Feeling sad about a loved one years after they die is normal and should be embraced but when sadness becomes depression it is important to seek professional help in order to move on.

Memorializing (02:50)
Memorializing a person often helps move through the sadness of their death and preserve their memory. Different ways to memorialize loved ones include journaling, scrap-booking, music, and art.

Saying Goodbye (02:37)
Saying goodbye after the death of a loved one is part of the healing process. At Comfort Zone Camp, a bonfire is staged so that teens can send a goodbye message to their loved ones.

Acceptance (03:05)
Final step in the grieving process is acceptance. It is necessary to accept that the person died, accept that one is not at fault, accept life without person, and accept pain of their loss.

Length: 30 minutes

Copyright Date: 2004

Teens Dealing with Death



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