Zoom Understanding Birth 4th Edition: Video Program

Understanding Birth 4th Edition: Video Program

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InJoy’s comprehensive Understanding Birth 4th Edition childbirth education video supports your entire childbirth program by providing real-world video examples for all your teaching points. With the all-new expanded fourth edition you can be sure you are presenting the most recent evidence-based information on more relevant topics in a way that appeals to today’s parents.

Current guidelines – Includes ACOG’s revised labor and early-term pregnancy guidelines, current AAP circumcision and SUID policies, and up-to-date breastfeeding information.

Modern animation – Uses the latest animation techniques to explain anatomy, labor, and medical procedures in a way parents will understand.

Relatable stories – Engages parents with story-based education that features the birth experiences and emotions of diverse families.

Objective voice – Explores a variety of birth choices in a positive, evidence-based, non-biased, and inclusive way that does not dramatize the labor experience.

Bite-sized video clips are delivered over eight chapters: Pregnancy, Labor, Birth Stories, Comfort Techniques, Medical Procedures, Cesarean Birth, Newborns, Postpartum

What's New In the 4th Edition?
*Clips on preeclampsia, nitrous oxide, labor positions with an epidural, *PMAD, and postpartum warning signs (varies by package)
*Empowered birth welcome video, wider selection of birth stories and chapter summary clips (see premium package)
*Terms, such as SUID and PMAD, are updated throughout
*2 in 1 birth story shows both unmedicated and epidural experiences
*All-new footage of a diverse group of families and experts
*Ask an Expert, Reality Break, and Support Tip elements
*Colorful infographics and animation
*Gender-neutral and inclusive language

32 Clips, 2.5 Hours
Provides just the basics for short sessions and one-on-one education

-Clips that focus on childbirth education basics
-Menu to play by chapter or clip
-Facilitator’s guide
-Parent handouts

Length: 2.5 hours

Copyright Date: 2021

Understanding Birth 4th Edition: Video Program



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