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Youth Life Skills for High School

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Youth Life Skills for High School presents powerful peer-to-peer messages about problem solving and living responsibly. In their own words, real teens explain how they handled difficult situations in the past and what they learned from their experiences. This set contains five 10-minute programs: Anger Management, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, and Stress Management. Includes facilitator's guide. Produced by Hazelden. 5-part set, 52 minutes.

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Anger Management (01:50)
Teens talk about anger and the things that make them angry.

What Is Anger? (07:17)

Teens break down the word anger into memory devices. A: assess anger triggers. N: notice your signs. G: get control of yourself. E: evaluate your response. R: read the scene. Teens discuss how they work their anger out.

Communication (08:26)

Teens discuss the challenges and advantages of verbal and non-verbal communication and being a good communicator.

Conflict Resolution (07:29)

Teens share their experiences of conflicts with parents and friends. They admit that arguing is not a way to resolve conflict but making peace is. Assessing and getting to the source of conflict is a key to resolution.

Discovering the Violence in Your Life (01:10)

Teens link disrespect with violence. Violence is 5 times more likely to happen when alcohol is involved. People react differently to all forms of violence from gossip to murder.

Decision Making (03:47)

Teens talk about the wide variety of decisions they have to make. Some are good decisions and some are not. They talk about why it is sometimes hard to make decisions. "Not to decide is to decide."

Strategies for Decision Making (05:09)

Teens learn strategies to help in decision making. Strategies include thinking it through to discover what is important; becoming aware of the scope of the decision; considering the consequences, and more.

Stress Management (06:38)

Teens talk about what stress feels like. Tips for managing stress are included.

Acknowledgements & Credits: Youth Life Skills for High School (00:38)

Acknowledgements & Credits: Youth Life Skills for High School

Length: 43 minutes

Copyright Date: 2007

Youth Life Skills for High School



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