Zoom Dishonorable Killings Punishing the Innocent

Dishonorable Killings Punishing the Innocent

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The horrific practice of honor killing still prevails in many Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries—and, as this film demonstrates, it is wielded not only against rape victims but also to punish women for simple romantic attachments. Going deep into tribal communities in rural Turkey, the video presents villagers who describe and condone honor killings that have occurred locally. Most chilling is a conversation with a man who murdered his own sister for the family’s honor. The documentary also profiles potential victims of honor killing forced into hiding, often as a result of gossip and innuendo among neighbors, as well as critics of the ancient, brutal custom. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 26 minutes)

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Turkey: Honor Killings (03:43)
The murder of women in Turkey, called honor killings, is an ancient practice. Nearly four women are killed each week in honor-related killings. In many small villages, strong tribal moral codes are still in effect.

Shame and Honor Under Tribal Law (03:42)

A Turkish villager argues that the Quran demands honor killings. Women who do not cover their bodies completely bring shame on the family. Women must conform to their expected roles. Many young brides are beaten and tortured.

Honor: Cornerstone of Social Life (03:51)

A Turkish activist seeks to change 5000-year-old violent practices against women. Honor is the cornerstone of social life, and women symbolize that honor. Matters of honor are kept private within the family; the family decides who should die.

Punishment of Adulterers (03:34)

In rural Turkish villages, a 5000-year-old honor code results in the murders of both men and women. Adultery is punishable by stoning. Gossip can ruin a woman's life

Women as Second Class Citizens (04:02)

Under tribal law, women are forbidden love, cannot express their opinions, and cannot make decisions. An uncle rapes his niece, impregnates her, and then beats her so severely that she and the fetus die. Suspicion against a woman in enough to kill her.

Tale of Murders in Turkish Village (03:41)

A woman in hiding and fearful for her daughter's life shares a family album and the photographs of all the females killed by male relatives. Idle talk and jealousies have deadly consequences in Turkish villages; 98% of honor killings are carried out without any evidence.

Social Change in Turkey (02:04)

Social change in Turkey will take time. First, both men and women must acknowledge that they are equal to one another. Turkish traditions are stained with the blood of its murdered women.

Length: 60 min

Copyright Date: 2015

Dishonorable Killings Punishing the Innocent



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