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Ending Domestic Violence Healing the Family

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A victims’ rights advocate tells the story of her carefree childhood and adolescence in Palo Alto, and her subsequent 18-month marriage in which she was beaten and nearly killed by an abusive husband. Today, she fulfills her personal vision of helping others. In this program, she counsels a mother of three, who is also involved in an abusive relationship. Scenes include court hearings, and emotional talks between the two women in which the advocate offers insights into the dynamics of spousal abuse.


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Families Under Siege (01:26)
In the US, approximately 20% of children live in poverty and every nine seconds a woman is physically abused by her husband or boyfriend. Pam Butler is an advocate for women.

Silicon Valley, CA (02:39)
Pam Butler discusses her activities in a video diary. She reflects on a normal life until after she married her ex-husband. See photos of her bruised face and body.

A Battered Woman (02:30)
D.A. Joyce Allegro recalls Butler contacting her. Pam Butler discusses the internal battle that she experienced and the incident that led to her husband's arrest. Bill and Carolyn Butler recall their fear for Pam.

A Victory for Butler (01:51)
D.A. Joyce Allegro and Pam Butler discuss the elements of Butler's battered spouse court case. Michael Baraga is convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Victim Advocacy Project (03:58)
Pam Butler contacts domestic abuse victims and offers help and support. Butler discusses an incident with a particular woman; Delisa Myles shares her abuse story.

Two Battered Women on a Couch (02:31)
Delisa Myles and Pam Butler read letters from their ex-husbands. For a month, the women work to get Myle's batterer is arrested.

Domestic Violence Hearing (01:50)
Pam Butler discusses Delisa Myles' court appearance to get a restraining order against Myles' batterer and the addition of charges against him.

Support Network (03:00)
Pam Butler enjoys helping battered women. Regina Thomas discusses the services the Support Network for Battered Women offers. Butler discusses abuse with a group of students.

Group Support (02:23)
Pam Butler attends a support meeting for abuse survivors. They discuss the penile system and its effects on the abuser and victim, as well as share their personal stories. (Graphic language)

Stopping Violence Against Women (02:03)
Pam Butler shares her feelings about her relationship future and discusses the need for societal change.

Climbing out of Abuse (01:50)
Pam Butler discusses her solution for battered women. Delisa Myles discusses her decision to stop the violence.

Credits: Ending Domestic Violence: Healing the Family (01:10)
Credits: Ending Domestic Violence: Healing the Family

Length: 46 min

Copyright Date: 2005

Ending Domestic Violence Healing the Family



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