Zoom Femicide - Honduras, One of the Most Dangerous Places to Be a Woman

Femicide - Honduras, One of the Most Dangerous Places to Be a Woman

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Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado became a tragic symbol of gender-based violence after she was killed, but many Honduran women live in fear of being attacked by men.


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Women Are Worthless (04:45)
Before Maria Jose Alvarado was to travel to London to compete in the Miss World Pageant, she and her sister were shot to death; Teresa and Cori Alvarado live in terror and seek asylum in the United States. Juju Chang traveled with the military police to learn about the drug trade and gang warfare. Honduras has the highest rate of femicide in the world.

Stories of Attacks (03:19)
The United Nation calls the wave of women who seek asylum because of femicide an "invisible refugee crisis." Haiti Hernandez 's husband attacked her legs with a machete and severed her feet. A woman named Ingrid was beated up by a neighbor and threatened with death.

When Police Take Action (02:27)
The government formed a special division for crimes against women, but few report. Maria Mercedes Bustello explains that filing a complaint of domestic abuse can take weeks. Chang accompanies police officers to deliver a warrant for a restraining order.

Nowhere to Go (04:24)
Girls who are under 20 years of age account for one out of four pregnancies. Neesa Medina tries to overturn the law banning abortion. The police released Ingrid's attacker the same day she reported the abuse. An Irish charity supports and will relocate a mother who was raped by a powerful man in his small town.

Refugees (02:16)
Donald Trump's immigration policy makes it difficult for women with a credible fear of persecution to seek asylum in the United States. Honduras women do not walk in the streets at night. Activists try to unite to stop femicide.

Length: 85 min

Copyright Date: 2013

Femicide - Honduras, One of the Most Dangerous Places to Be a Woman



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