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Life at 1: New Experiences

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The Life at 1 Series Includes : Life at 1: New Experiences | Life at 1: Stress and Its Impact | | Life at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9: A Longitudinal Study in Child Development

The first year of life contains many challenges for children—and many opportunities to predict what kind of life a child will lead. This program introduces a group of 1-year-olds who are part of a large-scale longitudinal study in child development. Closely documenting the daily routines and developmental milestones of the children, the program gauges each subject’s ability to confront new experiences—with surprising results. Shy Haleema does well in a “stranger test” while lively Anastasia cries when separated from her parents. Jara’na’s future happiness may depend on his ability to deal with racism, while tiny Ben, born prematurely, upturns all expectations. Part of the series Life at 1, 3, 5, and 7: A Longitudinal Study in Childhood Development. (54 minutes)

Conception: In Vitro Fertilization (03:56)

A couple, desperate for a child, agrees to artificial insemination. Married only two years, the husband is nervous about the impact of a child in his life.

Child Development: Nature vs. Nurture (04:18)

Child development experts debate over the influence of parental traits vs. environmental forces on a child's personality. Parents have the power to create a world for their children. The first 12 months of a child's life are critical.

Childcare Trend: Family Caretakers (04:00)

Up to 35% of mothers in Australia return to work and share child rearing with the spouse, who also works full time. Some couples only allow immediate family to care for their toddlers. These children have limited contact with strangers.

Childhood Fearfulness (02:59)

To observe a child's level of fearfulness, a researcher presents each child with an unfamiliar, loud, moving object. How do children with different temperaments cope with strange, new experiences out in the world?

Premature Babies and Health Risks (04:34)

Ben, a one-year-old, is the smallest of his quintuplet siblings. He has fought hard since conception to live. The quints were delivered three months prematurely. As a group, they will have higher risks to their health as they grow.

In-Vitro Miracle Baby (02:18)

With only one viable egg, a 43-year-old woman and her husband are successful at conceiving through IVF.

Breastfeeding (04:54)

A new mother and baby adjust to nursing. Nursing, the most fundamental role of a mother, is not something all mothers believe in. After 6 days of trying to nurse her baby, a new mother gives up.

Protective Parents (03:42)

Haleema is the first child of a Lebanese couple in Australia. They want their child to be a leader, yet both parents are very shy. As Muslims, they fear the negative attitudes of others towards their religion could affect their child's self-identify.

How to Raise a Self-Confident Child (04:12)

One-year-old Haleema's mother believes her child is shy and apprehensive. But is she? In playgroup, the child is assertive and adventurous. Mother hovers and tries to redirect her child's focus. How will the child react to a total stranger?

Siblings Affect Personality and Growth (04:22)

Jara'na is the youngest in a household of 7 other children. At 14 months, he is advanced for his age. Children raised with older siblings are often more physically advanced.

Challenges for Indigenous children (02:52)

An indigenous child, Jara’na is advanced both socially and physically. But, like many indigenous children, will he begin to show signs of developmental problems in a few years? Will he be strong enough to stand up to racism?

Childhood Personality (05:49)

Ben, the smallest of quintuplets and born three months prematurely, shows signs of insecurity and less developed social skills. Noisy, unfamiliar objects, however, do not disturb him.

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