Zoom Life at 1: Stress and Its Impact

Life at 1: Stress and Its Impact

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The Life at 1 Series Includes : Life at 1: New Experiences | Life at 1: Stress and Its Impact
| Life at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9: A Longitudinal Study in Child Development

When determining a child’s health and well-being, a major factor to take into account is stress. This program explores the causes and effects of the chronic stress that children experience as they learn and grow. Viewers will follow a group of 1-year-olds as they take part in a large-scale, longitudinal child development study—which, in this installment, measures levels of cortisol at specific points in each subject’s daily routine. Shine’s parents are struggling financially, and it shows in her. Declan goes to day care four times a week—but that doesn’t necessarily mean more stress. Sofia’s cortisol levels can be correlated with her mother’s work schedule, while Daniel must overcome the anguish wrought by his brother’s fragile health. Part of the series Life at 1, 3, 5, and 7: A Longitudinal Study in Childhood Development. (57 minutes)

Stress and Mental Health (03:26)

There is a correlation between levels of stress and mental illness. Parents of a 5-month-old and 4 other siblings are stressed over financial shortages and loss of employment.

Birth of a Baby (03:25)

A mother of 4 gives birth to a baby with her new boyfriend. Both parents are overjoyed. Like many other young parents, they are struggling financially.

Family Stresses: Unemployment and Finances (02:30)

Five months after his daughter's birth, a young father finds himself unemployed and personally defeated. Loss of income represents a peak stress event for a family because the one stress compounds into many others.

How Stressed Are Australian Families? (03:06)

When stressed, chemicals in the body, such as adrenalin and cortisol, trigger the human physical response and emotions. Childhood experiences stimulate the brain. Stress shuts down parts of a child's brain.

Childcare and Toddler Stress (03:34)

By the time children are one year old, 30% have spend time in child care. Levels of stress hormone cortisol are higher in children in daycare than in children at home. Financial worries force many moms to return to work.

Parent Stress Over Child in Daycare (03:10)

A mother who takes her one-year-old to daycare each day wonders about the relationships and bonds he forms there that she knows nothing about. The child's stress levels are normal and he appears to be thriving.

Lifelong Stress for Baby Sofia (02:55)

Baby Sofia experienced the trauma of her father's non-Hodgkins lymphoma diagnosis and treatment from the day she was born. Now, she will wake up for the first time without her mother on the day her mother returns to work.

Fathers as Caregivers (05:23)

When his wife returns to work, entrepreneur dad takes care of two toddlers until the nanny arrives. Baby Sofia's behavior is out of character on the day she first misses her mother. Her stress hormone levels are low, however.

Parent Stress/Child Stress (03:59)

Toddler Daniel and his mother visit the hospital daily where Daniel's brother lies unresponsive after a near-death experience. Jamie has permanent brain damage, and Daniel's mother is blind in one eye. How does all this affect Daniel?

Parental Self-Evaluation (05:30)

What is the negative spillover from a parent's work on toddlers and family life in general? Fathers who are skilled professionals do not see themselves as good fathers; those who have time to interact with their children have more confidence.

Teen-aged Parents and Stress (04:37)

Teen parents and their 15-month-old son have a hectic lifestyle. Wyatt's mother is determined to finish high school, while her son stays in the high school daycare center. Teen dad has high stress levels on days he cares for his son.

Child Illness and Family Stress (03:59)

Parents under stress often find little time to work on their own relationship. Daniel's parents continue to visit their young son with permanent brain damage. Their younger son requires much of their attention.

Love and Safety: Healthy Child (02:58)

Daniel, a 15-month-old boy, shares in visitation with his brother who suffers from permanent brain damage. The parents' stress hormone levels are much higher than that of other parents, yet Daniel's stress levels are very normal.

Parental Stress: Effects on Baby (03:21)

Can parent stress levels have an effect on a 6-month-old child? On days when dad is job-hunting, the baby's stress hormone levels shoot up, and then return to normal within 24 hours.

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Life at 1: Stress and Its Impact



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